Granada Hills is a proudly suburban Los Angeles neighborhood with a population of 53,266 that covers just over 15 square miles of land. it’s a gorgeous neighborhood in a prime location, with great options for work and school, and a thriving, diverse community. The neighborhood is further broken down into smaller neighborhood communities, often cover just a block of two where neighbors come together.
As its name implies, Granada Hills is not in the flat part of the valley. Hilly wooded areas, especially up into the Knollwood territories, are sparse and only really on the outside edges of the valley. Granada Hills has the city’s largest public space in O’Melveny Park, and the Santa Susana Mountains offer stunning views and plenty of hiking trails.

 Of the 12 public schools within the Granada Hills boundaries, two scored 900 or above on the 2013 Academic Performance Index.

The Balboa Highlands tract is a stunning collection of midcentury modern homes. Most of Granada Hills is houses with decent-sized yards keeping the noise levels down.